Law Career Services


Before you submit a job application, it is crucial to be as fully up to speed on your target employers as possible. Our research service can save you time, broaden your options and hone your competitive edge.

If you know where you want to apply: We can arm you with up-to-date research on your target firm and industry: how the company works, its current strategic considerations, the relative strengths of its various departments and what they are looking for in candidates - anything and everything a well-prepared applicant should know.

If you're unsure where to apply: We can research and recommended target employers for you. This can include a step-by-step breakdown of each company's application stages, application form questions and aptitude tests.

Our research service is flexible: Tutors charge by the hour (typically ?30-40 per hour).

How to start Your Law Career

Curriculum Vitae

A recruiter's first impression of you is often formed by a cursory glance at your CV.  Your CV must stand out among the tens or hundreds. Your reader, probably a member of HR, an associate or a trainee, will be working to fairly rigorous marking scheme that will score your CV according to various criteria. You need to tick the boxes.

Our CV and Covering Letter service is designed to ensure that the presentation and content of both documents is perfectly suited to the role for which you are applying. Usually this will involve a combination of consulting, teaching and editing.

How to Write your CV

Application Forms

Most larger firms - and practically all law firms - use complex and demanding application forms. Filling out application forms is perhaps the most time-consuming process that a would-be trainee must go through. Your answers will go a long way towards determining whether or not you'll be offered an interview.

Our application form service follows a tried-and-tested 5-stage process, from building a database of questions to polishing your answers. Arrangements are entirely flexible to accommodate any specific requests or concerns that you may have.


Interviews are the hurdle at which many excellent candidates 'on paper' fall. However, if you are properly prepared, this meeting is the best opportunity to convince recruiters that you possess all the attributes and skills of a great future employee.

Our interview services can help you to prepare outstanding answers to typical questions, teach you how to think on your feet and respond calmly to unexpected queries.

Our consultants will put you through your paces by role-playing several mock interview scenarios, in which you will practice answering complex questions while maintaining that crucial confident, personable air.


Psychometric testing is increasingly used by employers, particularly the larger companies and law firms. As well assessing your numerical and verbal reasoning skills, psychometric tests will also measure your ability to infer, deduce, interpret, assume and evaluate the strength of arguments. The best way to approach psychometric testing is through practice, which we can arrange for you.

Psychometrics Is Useful in Law Learning

With all careers services, we offer an introductory 1 hour session for £20 to plan your subsequent services. Call us on 0207 240 4072 or arrange a session at our centre or online. We serve plenty of tea and coffee all day long!